Mod that answered the wizard question. Why do you feel they are bad in previous editions? What makes them feel better in comparison for 5th?


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Pretty much agreed. I would also note that Pathfinder has done a VERY similar thing with their “arcanist”, who get to prepare a set of spells equivalent to a sorcerer’s “spells known” at a given level, then cast those from slots like sorcerers.

But I continue to think 5e is a much prettier and more manageable system.



Empty two-liter soda bottles for a similar sensation with less risk of actually hurting yourself (plus they bounce off your head and make a nice little womp sound)

OMG i do this often. it is the best weirdnoise bonktoy.

Keep the caps! A bottle with its cap still on behaves differently.

I theorize that if you were to put an uncapped empty bottle in a freezer, then cap it, then take it out, it might get a little extra pressure and might behave better.

Luka, what do when someone tries to make abuse seem like not a big deal?


victim, bystander or abuser?

victims will absolutely minimize their experience, because denial and not feeling is how you survive, and later on it makes them feel like they’re going crazy because “it wasn’t that bad” only gets you so far when you’ve got massive trauma constantly suggesting that that yes, it was.

abusers will do it because it’s part of the abuse, to get the victims to not trust their instincts, and convince them that nothing is wrong so they’ll stay.

bystanders do it for a ton of reasons, such as because they’re clinging to just world theory (“bad things don’t happen to innocent people, because if it did, bad things might happen to me" or "to be fair, the victim shouldn’t have X") or because they really need to see the abuser as a good person, or because they are pampered, lucky, and speaking from complete ignorance ("twelve is totally old enough to sleep with 35!")

you gotta find out why specifically they’re doing the thing, and tackle that first. so if someone’s a bystander doing the “i don’t get why this is abuse” you would educate them, if it’s an abuser you shoot them in the nuts with a double barrel full of rock-salt, and if it’s an abuse victim, you gently ask them questions or share your own experience, whatever you need to encourage them to feel safe in confronting their own negative feelings.

And as to what to do about it: Depends on who’s doing it. If it’s a victim, it may or may not be a problem, because how much of a big deal it is to you can vary hugely. I mean, some people just plain aren’t that traumatized, and they’re allowed.

In general, if it really is a big deal, and people are downplaying it, well. How important is it to you to change their mind? What do you want to happen? Like, for instance. Do you want someone to change their behavior? Stop being friends with someone? Call the police? Break down crying and become a broken, hollow, shell? These are different goals, and you would use different strategies to achieve them.

Hey luka, I was wondering if you had any resources you could share on stimming and different stims? My BFFs nephew, who is very strongly autistic, has been repeatedly banging his head on his door for a few minutes at a time every now and again, and I want to help find safer alternatives for him. I already suggested headphones and an MP3 player with sounds or music he enjoys, but I dont know if that will for for whatever sensation he is trying to relieve.


Oh hm

I have a massive headache right now and cannot for the life of me think of resources, so i’m boosting this to my spergfriends for now.

anybody got suggestions?

First thing I’d do would be to ask about what his communication options are, and whether anyone’s asked him what he’s trying to accomplish. Dislikes door? Dislikes head? Wants banging sounds? Wants distraction from distressing thought?

absolutely not. i read a large portion of brainbent because it was something you'd worked on and even without reading homestuck 1st i was able to figure out character's were being sarcastic and bitter about their situation. it's really not that hard and the fact that people are trying to use it to discredit the work as being offensive is ridiculous. you shouldn't have to spell things out for the sake of readers who are still going to try & find something to be offended about anyways.


i do agree and am tempted to knee-jerk refuse to modify anything, but then again, i have since learned that audience response is valuable input even if they’re hideously mistaken, because it strengthens this story to anticipate their reaction and bring it up before they can. 

a lot of the best arguments in the AU have been me going “what would a reader want to say right now” and letting a character who would agree with them say it instead. multiple different perspectives? i got that shit handled. i thrive on getting that shit handled.

Some people take offense easily at first, but get better once they know the story or writer better.

Hi! For completely not-ridiculous reasons, I'd like to know what the book binding is like on the "So You Want To Be A..." children's career series books, but I can't find any images of the originals. Do you happen to remember any of the author names, or who they were published by, so that I may find accurate pictures of the original books? Thanks so much!


All the info I’ve got is in this post. Hope this helps!

I feel I should mention:

I thought these were a fictitious construct of the series, so when I saw a real one once somewhere I was really confused.

Linking because I know some people probably play games, and I sort of liked the art style.


 i have been rereading brainbent and i think i may have found the reason people were calling it ableist and problematic within the first week

i think they might have read karkat’s sarcastic declaration that they put them in straitjackets and took it seriously

i think they also might have thought john, the resident prankster, was being serious when he was fucking with people who kept asking and asking about why he’s in therapy by telling ever-more elaborate lies.

those things stood out a mile on the reread because that’s the kind of shit bad AUs play straight, and i have since realized that the sorts of people who flip out before asking questions have a nasty tendency to take every character at their word, even though this is homestuck.

i would have noticed this sooner but i am autistic and sometimes obvious things like “how other people will see a thing that i understand but have not sufficiently explained” elude me.

i just.

i had no idea the reason was something this fucking dumb. 

what i’m wondering about now is, should i go back and edit in some kind of narrative indicator that the reader is now being put on notice that john is an evasive goof and karkat has a gigantic chip on his shoulder or should i let people go on quitting there and telling their friends that it’s offensive?

because on the one hand, i don’t want to let assholes control how i tell a story, but on the other: sometimes people are dumb but can also be won over, if given a small set of training wheels to get them over that first bump. if someone is told “look for offensive bullshit” and linked to those entries, there’s going to be an initial bias at work. hm.

Maybe Choose Your Own Adventure it.

To read more about Brainbent, go to Page 23.
To find out why people were put in straitjackets, go to Page 36.


I just want to know whether he’s going to miss the beard.

Orson Scott Card is totally one of the reasons I hate the religion I was raised in. Actually, no, he's not the reason, he's the absolute SYMPTOM of the reason.

For we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but with powers and principalities.

I try to remember to hate the corruption, and not the person corrupted. It is not always easy for me.